Submitted by jono on 19 Jun 2024.

An update to the blog is well overdue, so here goes with an attempt to fill in the bigger gaps in a rough and ready way!

Submitted by jono on 31 May 2024.

A lot to report on in the last few days. It was only a week ago that I arrived in Japan and dragged a 3.8-metre-long windsurf board through Tokyo Narita customs. Getting the board to Japan had been a problem to arrange, but on the day it had gone like clockwork. Carriage of the board was a special favour. Consequently, at her request, both the friend who arranged the heist and the airline she works for will remain anonymous. Nonetheless, a thousand thanks are due.

Submitted by jono on 20 May 2024.

One week before I go to Japan, and the first time out for my Loftsails Switchblade HD 8.5m (collected from Unifiber a few days ago).

Good vibes from the expedition sail. Nice depth and pull in the light breeze, though clearly hungry for proper wind! I think we'll get along well!

Thanks to Kevin Jay for the drone piloting.

Submitted by jono on 30 Apr 2024.

This winter I have been busy in the workshop* sanding, cutting, gluing, and screwing! My raw materials were the board, a huge block of EVA foam and a sheet of extruded carbon fibre. The result, I am hopeful, is a capable expedition board that retains the performance and agreeable ergonomics of the original design.

Submitted by jono on 28 Mar 2024.

It is often said that it is an achievement in and of itself simply getting to the start line of an expedition. First there is an idea without commitment. That can be played around with. On the off-chance that something might happen there might be some "preparation". I purchased a suitable sleeping bag ("new with tags", a bargain!) and snapped up a bivvy-bag to too. That's right, focus on the easy stuff first!