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On a journey such as this you meet some serious weather, in hostile places, with no rescue cover. My main priority is to not get myself into a situation I cannot deal with on my own. I need a proven, highly durable sail with an enormous wind range and great performance. Fortunately that is what I got when Loftsails offered me their Switchblade HD.

The sail will be paired with the Loftsails 100% pre-preg carbon mast.

About the kit

The Switchblade is a 3-cam "freerace" sail and the HD version uses x-ply or quad-axial throughout (rather than standard monofilm panels). I have full confidence that this sail will be dependable ally in all conditions!

Loftsails logo Loftsails logo
Loftsails Switchblade HD Loftsails Switchblade HD
Team Edition III mast Team Edition III mast
Switchblade HD detail Switchblade HD detail

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Unifiber are another solid partner. In 2020 they introduced the Proteus Raceboard which immediately established itself as a championship winning design. I love this board so much that I bought one! Unifiber very generously offered me their slight update, the v3 Proteus for this journey, but ultimately it was more practical to prepare the board I already had.

Unifiber also offered and are providing an Elite carbon boom, harness lines, mast extension etc. These components are well tested, solid, reliable, and high performance. Perfect for peace of mind before heading out to the Pacific Ocean.

About the kit

The Proteus Raceboard has a lot of vee, a lot of forward volume, and a boat-shaped bow. These features make it very potent upwind and - most important for me - make it unusually well behaved downwind when there is heavy chop or a wind-swell. It might sacrifice a tiny bit of speed downwind but, unlike most Raceboards, the bow tends to stay above the waves and out of trouble.

Unifiber logo Unifiber logo
Proteus raceboard Proteus raceboard
Unifiber boardbag Unifiber boardbag
Unifiber Elite carbon boom Unifiber Elite carbon boom
Unifiber accessories Unifiber accessories

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YB Tracking

YB Tracking

Pending confirmation. 
I am delighted that once again YB Tracking will be tracking the expedition. I used their excellent YB3 unit around Britain and then the same unit came with me all the way round Europe. It has worked brilliantly and I have no hesitation taking exactly the same unit on this adventure too. Once I'm underway don't forget to check the tracker page to follow progress!

About the kit

The YB3 is a reassuringly good bit of kit. The track it records goes direct to the website. The battery lasts for ages (depends upon update frequency but a week is no bother). When it does 'need' a charge that couldn't be easier: top up via USB cable connected to a solar charger / powerbank / mains power. Looking at the track is a lot of fun, but above all the unit is a big deal in terms of safety.

The unit is lightweight, robust and dependable. It comes with dedicated SOS and SMS by satellite functions that work anywhere on the planet, and probably beyond...

To top it all the nice folk at YB are knowledgable, helpful and courteous to a tee.

YB Tracking YB Tracking
YB3 top right. Not much bigger than a Snickers bar! YB3 top right. Not much bigger than a Snickers bar!

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Club Nautic Fornells

Club Nàutic Fornells

Club Nàutic Fornells have been my sailing club in Spain since I was a twenty-something. They supported me on the Europe journey and have helped out again for the Japan sail.

CNF teach sailing, nurture a thriving group of young local windsurfers, organise well supported racing and are an asset to our community. Their support is much appreciated.

About the kit

Club Náutic Fornells have helped with the transport cost of getting to Japan with the board.

Club Nàutic Fornells Club Nàutic Fornells

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Aquapac have been designing and making waterproof cases since 1983 in the UK. I have used their gear on all my major journeys.

About the kit

For the Japan journey I am using various small cases and the Toccoa 28L Heavyweight Waterproof Backpack. I chose the fluoro yellow one for better visibility. In my opinion the pack is a bit smaller than the quoted 28 litres, and so far it has been leak proof and watertight.

Aquapac logo Aquapac logo
Toccoa 28l backpack Toccoa 28l backpack

Northern Kites / Ocean Rodeo drysuit

Northern Kites

There are very few drysuits that meets my exacting requirements. One such suit is the Ocean Rodeo Go. Northern Kites did me a nice deal on a Go suit 48 hours before my flight to Tokyo, so big thanks to those guys for helping me out at such short notice.

Northern Kites offer 5% off, seemingly to anyone, but definitely if you access their store via the affiliate link provided in this section. Alternatively, activate your 5% reduction with the discount code "JONO". Note that I will get a commission on your purchase. I feel a bit conflicted about this, so any affiliate link income that comes my way will go to WWF, so we can all feel good about it.

About the kit

I used an earlier model of the Go on my round Europe journey, so I know it fits the bill for expedition windsurfing.

The Go is waist harness compatible, relatively slim fitting, and has:

  • Neoprene neck and wrist seals (for comfort, warmth, and seal longevity)
  • Pockets for snacks and gadgets
  • A comfortable way to partially open the suit (to prevent overheating)
  • A practical (for males) and functional pee-zip
  • Robust, breathable fabric and a construction that is built to last
  • Strong bright colours
  • A hood that offers protection from the elements.
Northern Kites Northern Kites
Ocean Rodeo Go drysuit hood up Ocean Rodeo Go drysuit hood up
Ocean Rodeo Go drysuit head missing Ocean Rodeo Go drysuit head missing

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Book Readers!

Support through reading!

Reading a book is usually time well spent! If you would like to support this journey an easy way to do that is to buy a book!

Each book sale will compensate the toil of writing, and enrich me by the monetary equivalent of a bag of peanuts.

If you are a satisfied reader then please leave a review. A good review is worth a jumbo bag of peanuts!


About the kit

In the Balance (Europe journey)

Long Standing Ambition (Round Britain journey)

La vuelta a mi isla (Spanish translation of Long Standing Ambition)


Support through reading! Support through reading!